I must confess that before my last visit to Romagna I had never tasted a Centesimino and, in fact, hardly knew anything about it. But when it did taste it, it was love at first sip, an instantaneous attraction similar to one I had as a boy when I would see a girl who was not beautiful but had that certain something. After tasting the wine I decided to visit the producer, Alessandro Morini, to learn something more about it. The grape was apparently rediscovered in the 1920 after a vine was found that had survived the phylloxera plague. The old vine was in the gardens of an old 18th century noble villa in the center of Faenza, the location probably saving it from the devastating plague. It was ‘discovered’ by a certain Pietro Pianori, who was nicknamed ‘Centesimino’ and that name stuck and replaced the grape’s previous one of Sauvignon Rosso. While its cultivation was quite widespread in the 1960s, it was slowly abandoned because of its low productivity and is only now having a second (or third) life, after being listed in the National Registry of Grape Varieties in 2004. Morini, who is a promotor of native Romagnolo grapes (he is part of the Bursòn group that Riccardo Viscardi recently wrote about), produces four wines from this grape: a sparkling wine, MoRosé Brut; a still, simple wine, Savignone Ravenna IGT, which should be drunk young and is made and ages in stainless steel; Traicolli, the wine that knocked me out and that ages in tonneau-size barrels; and a Passito dessert wine, Rubacuori. His estate also produces wines from other typical native grapes: Albana, Sangiovese and Bursòn as well as Super Romagna. The Poderi Morini estate began producing wine in 1998 and is situated in the Faentini Hills around Torre di Oriol. There are a total of 40 hectares of vineyards that grow in the classic Romagna ‘spungone’ rocky soil. The microclimate benefits from both Adriatic breezes as well as those that come down from the Tosco Romagnolo sector of the Apennine mountain chain

Poderi Morini

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Siamo un’azienda giovane, appassionata della propria terra che ha scelto di fare il vino per celebrarne al meglio il valore, la tradizione e la cultura: “diamo valore alla Romagna che amiamo” queste sono infatti le parole con cui descriviamo la motivazione del nostro progetto dal sapore imprenditoriale ma anche intensamente personale.

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