Poderi Morini

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Great people for a great wine

This production project has necessarily required the early involvement of “DOC” professionals of the wine world. Thus was born a team who laid the foundations of the vineyard’s success: enologist Sergio Ragazzini and agronomist Luciano Lusa. They can rely on the passionate collaboration of the employees who are committed on a daily basis to ensure that everything from the vineyard to the cellar complies with the most suitable working criteria.

Their skills, experience and sensibility to follow and share Poderi Morinis philosophy have been the reasons underlying the steady growth and success of our quality wines. Vine-growing is carried out under the guide of Luciano Lusa, an experienced agronomist from Solarolo, who has been working with Natale Morini for over thirty years successfully taking care of the fruit orchards grown in a land stretching over one thousand hectares. Luciano is a reliable, skillful, efficient and honest co-worker, as well as a wine lover, who has increased his experience by undertaking several informative trips both in Italy (Tuscany, Piedmont) and abroad (France, United States, Russia, etc.).

Sergio Ragazzini plays a crucial and important role in the estate thanks to his extensive knowledge of the Romagna varieties and a long experience acquired over a fruitful forty-year-career as an enologist. His commitment, modesty and passion for wine, has made his collaboration with Alessandro and Luciano truly valuable and meaningful for the success of our project. “Nadèl”, the wine dedicated to Natale Morini, was one of his ideas: a blend of the four red varieties grown in the vineyard: Sangiovese, Merlot, Longanesi and Centesimino. Since its very first vintage, in 2001, it has received important acknowledgements and has met with an outstanding commercial success.

Sangiovese, Albana, Centesimino, Longanesi, Trebbiano, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc: every year we produce our wines from these varieties with the utmost care and passion, trying to improve ourselves harvest after harvest and to keep our quality standard, as well as Romagna’s name and honour, high.

Technical Staff

Luciano Lusa

Perito Agrario

Sergio Ragazzini


Maurizio Castelli