Are you a sales sector professional (restaurant, catering service, wine-bar, etc.) looking for “work-of-art” wines that truly stand out from all the rest?

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6 reasons to choose Poderi Morini wines

We have been producing authentic Romagna wines since 1998, not only with the final consumer in mind, but thinking of the Ho.Re.Ca. distribution channel as well, with which we have worked since day one, since our local area strongly addresses tourism and the restaurant trade.

We want to work with successful professionals who share our vision: “We add to the value of the Romagna we love.” We want the world to know and appreciate Romagna and its interior areas, thanks to its wine and art. Those are less well-known than its famous riviera locales, but the Romagna interior is rich in stories to be told and in wines to be discovered and brought to the world.

How do we carry out our mission?

Recovery and development of native grapes

We have always committed ourselves to the recovery of native Romagna grape varieties: Sangiovese, Albana, Centesimino, Longanesi, and Trebbiano. Native grapes.

Guarantee of sustainability

We use eco-compatible methods and we follow the low-impact, sustainable viticulture Production Code. For that commitment, the Vini Buoni d’Italia (Fine Wines of Italy) wine guide gave us their Eco-friendly award.

Avant-garde technology

Our winecellar boasts a cutting-edge production section with up-to-date equipment and machinery, ensuring the consumer the absolute highest levels of quality.

Work-of-art labels

Our wines eloquently speak of the earth, history, roots, and individuals that have brought an appreciation of Romagna to the world. We bottle our wines in special, limited-edition magnums and bottles bearing labels that are themselves true works of art, created and signed by great artists.

Award and accolades

Not only have our wines been awarded, but Italian President Sergio Mattarella, in 2016, named winery founder Alessandro Morini Ambassador of Romagna Wines.

Distributed on a national level

Poderi Morini wines are distributed throughout Italy by Cuzziol Grandi Vini.

Do you share our mission of adding value to Romagna?

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