Who we are

Forty hectares of vineyards, growing on Faenza’s gently sloping hills around the Oriolo Tower, lies the heart of Poderi Morini, the heart of wine-making Romagna.

We are a young estate that is proud of our land, and therefore we chose to make wine to better celebrate its value, tradition and culture. “We give value to the Romagna we love”: these words suitably describe the motivation underlying our entrepreneurial and very personal project.

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Winery Poderi Morini

The importance attached to the rediscovery of ancient native varieties without forgetting the traditional ones of Romagna, a constant commitment both in the vineyard and in the cellar, specific winemaking choices for each variety, as well as a skilful and moderate use of wood ageing: the combination of all these elements results in the production of wines of great originality and personality which successfully reflect the most typical features of each variety.