Poderi Morini


Poderi Morini is committed to a respectful, eco-compatible development of its growing area, and the quality of the environment is considered a production factor to be protected, perfectly on a par with the vineyards, grape varieties, and agricultural practices.

Positive environment balance-sheet

In fact, Alessandro Morini has worked hard over many years to minimise the environmental impact of cultivation practices, utilising various procedures. Cover-cropping vineyard soils prevents flooding, soil erosion, and landslides, while limiting as much as possible use of mechanical equipment reduces gas emissions into the atmosphere. Adherence to the tenets of sustainable viticulture, as well as use of insect-monitoring traps, sexual-confusion pheromones, geo-physical and weather-reporting centres, all combine to reduce to an absolute minimum necessary usage of anti-pest treatments. In addition, such treatments are applied by high-precision equipment that ensures specificity of application as well as limitation of spread of these substances into the atmosphere.

2011 saw the introduction of a major environmental benefit, a solar panel installation of some 300 square metres on cellar roof. Comprising 200 panels, with an annual capacity of about 44,00Kwh, it will keep the winery energy-independent for about 20 years, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

The decision to utilise lighter glass bottles will also reduce CO2 emissions; the bottles selected by Alessandro are produced, in fact, in highly-energy-efficient furnaces that can use a high percentage (as much as 85%) of re-cycled glass.

Positive social balance-sheet

The cellar workplace boasts all the information and preventive measures that enable the cellarworkers to perform their work in accord with safety requirements. In addition, they are paid in full accord with national contract standards for their category, guaranteeing them an adequate and dignified income.


Touring Publishing’s highly-respected Vini Buoni d’Italia has bestowed on Alessandro Morini’s Poderi Morini of Faenza a prestigious accolade, their Eco-friendly award for commitment to the principles of environmental eco-sustainability.

The award attests to the dedication of Poderi Morini to initiatives whose objective is the protection of the local growing area and vineyards, the introduction of energy-saving measures, and–not least–the production of wines that are made in full consciousness of their importance for the health and well-being of our customers.