To respect our vision of Adding value to the Romagna we love we have commited ourselves to the ecocompatible development of our local area.

We believe that the quality of the environment is of fundamental importance for wine production, and by safeguarding our soils, vineyards, and native grapes we are consciously making serious, responsible agricultural decisions every day. Winemaking is, of course, a work of art, but this, too, is a form of art, of extreme importance, performed in the small and large activities of each day.

What we do for the environment

We do our work in a way that minimises environmental impact, through concrete, daily, conscious actions adopted by all our winecellar team. By practicing cover-cropping in the vineyard, we prevent washouts and erosion, eliminate the risk of landslides, and limit use of machinery, thus reducing exhaust emissions into the atmosphere.

We follow the tenets of sustainable, low-impact agriculture, limiting the use of agro-chemicals through our use of monitoring traps, sexual confusion, geophysical and weather stations. For necessary vineyard treatments, we use precision applicators which are ultra-efficient and limit product dispersion in the atmosphere.

In 2011, we committed to another ecologically-related initiative. On the roof of the winecellar, we built a 300 panel installation composed of 200 separate panels with an annual capacity of some 44,000 kwh and 44 kWp of peak power. This output will ensure our production’s energy independence for about 20 years, considerably reducing CO2 emissions.

Finally, we utilise wine bottles made of lightweight glass, made in high-efficiency furnaces that use up to 85% recycled glass. This is another project with far-reaching benefits, since it reduces CO2 emissions.

What we do for our employees

In our winegrowing operations, we respect and apply every measure of accident prevention and information so that our employees can perform their duties in accord with safety protocols. All wages and salaries are in full conformity with national category regulations and guidelines, which guarantee an adequate remuneration for our workers.

Eco-friendly award

For the commitment we demonstrate to the values of environmental ecosustainability, the Touring Club of Italy’s annual Vini Buoni d’Italia (Fine Wines of Italy) wine guide bestowed on us its Eco-friendly award. The award recognises Poderi Morini’s determination to put in place projects for the preservation of its terroir and vineyards, for energy savings, and for the production of wines that respect consumers’ health and well-being.

Positive Social Report

All the prevention and information measures are applied within the company so that the workers carry out their duties according to the protocol envisaged for safety. They are also paid in full compliance with the national contract for the category which guarantees them an adequate and decent income.

We produce wines in a workmanlike manner

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