Giuliano Della Casa (Modena, 1942) is a painter, a ceramist as well as a curator of valuable and unusual books. He studied in Modena (“A. Venturi” Art College) and Bologna (Academy of Fine Arts). He collaborates with several writers and poets illustrating their books and covers in perfect symbiosis with the poet so that one could be faced by the following dilemma: a poet for the painter or a painter-poet?

In 1966 he held his first solo exhibition at Palazzo dei Musei in Modena. Since then he has displayed his works in several cities: Bologna, Trieste, Genoa, Palermo, Milan, Florence, Rome, at the 36th Biennial of Venice, as well as in Madrid, Tokyo, São Paulo, Dusseldorf, Cologne, at the New York University, Los Angeles. In the spring of 1998 Reggio Emilia’s theatres saw Giuliano and his watercolours’s debut in the theatre world.

Della Casa’s favourite painting tool is watercolours, a technique he uses with masterly skill. Although he does not shun shapes, he mainly depicts fanciful objects using an imaginary alphabet made up of symbolic signs, a world all of his own, where poetry emerges from his original graphic sign that finally turns into words. An airy harmony of drops, trees and numbers brought back to the joy of orthography.
Synthesis, essentiality, simplification of the image whose infinite variability can be reflected into constantly new transformations. A dialectics between shape and colour which makes even small-sized paintings monumental. His colours having the magic of dreams, his totally unusual shapes deprived of everything unnecessary, turn Della Casa into a travelling painter who has not run out of imagination yet and whose artistic research promises new interesting results.

The works of Giuliano Della Casa